The collaborative website Seeds4Green, aims at gathering documents linked to environmental quality of products and services, available on the web, in order to work on :

  • LCA studies
  • EPDs
  • Ecolabel criteria
  • Green purchase guides.

This is a beta version of Seeds4Green, opens to a reduce number of users.

You could search a product or a service by tipping a keywords in the research field on the top right of the window, or by consulting the recent contributions in the navigation menu. Advanced research functions will be soon implemented.

We invite you to contribute. First you need to login in. Enter your user’s name and your e-mail in the “user login” block. A password will be sent to you. Please choose a user name closed to your real name in order to identify you. Here you could find tutorials for contributions.

We also invite you to leave comments. You could comment menu, navigation, content, style, functions… they will help us to build the site. If you want to contact us, send a message to : contact(at) Finally we will send to you an evaluation quiz in the end of the year in order to identify your needs.